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Free RC helicopter flight simulator

HeliSimRC is a freeware, Radio Control (RC) model helicopter simulator.
It is designed to simulate the popular 450 size electric helicopters.

HeliSimRC is intended to be used as a flight training tool, not a game. The design focus in writing this software was not on pretty graphics or a fancy look and feel. Instead, the emphasis is on authentic modeling of helicopter flight characteristics, and on offering features which enhance the flight training functionality of the software.

My main goal in writing this software, is to provide new RC helicopter pilots a free simulator which is accurate enough to provide good training for flying their real helicopter. If you're one of these pilots, and anything like me, you would rather spend your money on helicopter parts or batteries, than a simulator!

HeliSimRC features:
  • Record/Playback
  • Slow time, Fast time
  • Adjustable wind and turbulence
  • Adjustable flight parameters, with some presets
  • Simulated throttle and pitch curves
  • Training modes for learning to hover
New in Version 2
  • Sound! I'm not too thrilled with the motor sound, but crashes are cool!
  • FMS model compatible helicopter geometry display!
  • Random attitudes recovery practice mode.
  • Auto reset.
  • Swash interactions simulation.
  • Lower view angle option.
I sincerely hope you enjoy flying HeliSimRC, and that it helps you become a proficient RC heli pilot.

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A few new canopies.
Some canopies by GootyS... these are pretty sweet!
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Canopies by SuperCoop, I like the Pro V2 here!
Cant keep them straight anymore... here's ALL the Canopies I've got! 9-10-08

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