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Free RC helicopter flight simulator

HeliSimRC is free. You can download and install it with no obligation whatsoever.

If you like HeliSimRC, and would like to express gratitude by making a gift, please do so.
I will greatly appreciate it, it will help support this website,
and it will encourage me to continue in my freeware development efforts!

By downloading this software, you are agreeing to the terms of this license.
Download HeliSimRC - 2.0 (about 4.4 meg)

If you want high resolution backgrounds, and have a pc that can hack it...
unzip these files into the Program Files/HeliSim/data folder. AFTER installing HeliSim V2
Replace the files that are already there.

Or, if you want the older version for some reason...
Download HeliSimRC - 1.3 (about 1 meg)

I hope you enjoy HeliSimRC!

You will need to have a "transmitter" connected to your computer. Most any of the commercially available flight simulator transmitters will work. As will most of the premade transmitter to USB cables. Or you can use SmartPropo, and PPjoy to connect one of your actual RC transmitters to your computer.
If you successfully use HeliSimRC, please email me the type of controller you have.
Here's my current list of known-working controllers
there's joystick mapping files for some...

If you make custom canopies… send me a copy, and I will post them on this site.
Version History
1.0 Initial Release
1.1 Corrected exponential rates = off
1.2 Name changed to HeliSimRC
1.3 Support multiple controllers, and fix wind direction
2.0 Sound, FMS model geometries, more...

You cannot contact me by email any more...
I got SO MUCH SPAM, I gave up trying to keep up.
I apologize if I missed your email, and especially if I did not thank you for a donation!
Lets try PMing me on HeliFreak